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23rd Annual Report of Republic in Iran

Islamic regime's "Defense Minister" Ali Shamkhani in an interview with Lebanese newspaper "Al Mustaqbal", promised Israel an "astounding and unexpected reprisal" in case it attacked Lebanon or Syria.
According to NBC, testimony will be brought forward concerning a meeting between bin Ladin and Imad Mugniyeh, the operations director of the Iranian-backed Hizballah organization. The bombings of the U.S. embassies in East Africa bear an operational resemblance to Hizballah suicide attacks against the U.S. Embassy and Marine barracks in Beirut in 1983.
Two Islamic journalists, Hassan Youssefi Echkevari, of the monthly Iran-é-Farda, and Khalil Rostamkhani, of the Daily News, are likely to be sentenced to death. Both are accused of being "mohareb" (fighters against God) for writing or distributing articles which could undermine "national security"
Thirty Iranian immigrants trying to reach Germany from Serbia die. As the Italian authorities announced the expulsion of more than six thousand illegal Iranian immigrants from Italy, authorities in several European countries like Britain, Germany, Austria, France, Scandinavia but also Australia, New Zealand and Philippines reported a noted increase in the number of Iranians seeking political asylum but mostly trying to enter illegally.
Orders for the assassination of most of Iranian dissident politicians were handed to Hojatoleslam Ali Fallahian by high-ranking clericals, according to Mr. Sa'id Emami. Fallahian would issue personally some assassinations orders, but concerning important persons, he get the authorisations from Ayatollah (Mohammad Taqi) Mesbah-Yazdi, Ayatollah (Mohammad) Khaz'ali or Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati and given to us", according to "confessions" attributed to Mr. Sa'id Emami.
The price of OPEC's basket of seven crude increased by 54 cents and was US$ 24.23 a barrel Thursday, compared to US$ 23.69 Wednesday, according to OPEC Secretariat calculations. For 1999 as a whole, the price of the Basket averaged Dlrs 17.47 a barrel, compared with Dlrs 12.28 the previous year.
Islamic revolutionary "court" tried 20 so called reformists for their participation at a conference held in Berlin early April 2000 handed down six of the participants between ten to four years prison terms and acquitted six others.

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Posted 05-Apr-02 | Revised 03-Jun-2002