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23rd Annual Report of Republic in Iran

Islamic moderate Ahmad Zeydabadi started a hunger strike.
Islamic terrorist regime's "Foreign Minister" Kamal Kharrazi's visits Germany.
Islamic regime's "Energy Minister" Habibollah Bitaraf said that 1,185 dredging, irrigation, water and power supply, and production projects will become operational during the celebrations marking the "revolution". 118 development, sports, culture and economy projects will be launched in Chaharmahal va Bakhtiari Province. 158 fisheries projects that create 2,640 jobs will be launched in Hamedan Province.
Changiz Aslani, manager of Hamedan's Labor House, commented that 1,400 Iranian factories have been closed and many workers in his province have not been paid in 3-5 months, "Kayhan" reported on 13 January. Unemployment is estimated at 25 percent and inflation is estimated at around 15 percent.
Hundreds of young supporters of H.M Reza Pahlavi, demonstrated Friday, the eve of the anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution, in Tehran, carrying slogan calling for the change in the present Iranian theocratic system and demanding for freedom of speech, according to eyewitnesses.
"Freedom of thought forever, forever".
The meeting, started at nine in the morning in the Park Mellat (People's Park), was immediately met with tear gas and gun shots from the vigilantes Basij and the so called Law Enforcement Forces as it moved outside of the park.
"A group of some 300 young people gathered in front of the Melat Park in northern Tehran to protest to what they called "the lack of freedom of speech", the agency confirmed.
"As the group was moving toward the Vanak Square to the south of the place the Islamic guards blocked their way and dispersed the protesters".
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Posted 05-Apr-02 | Revised 08-Apr-2002