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23rd Annual Report of Republic in Iran

The familes of nine Iranian Jewish people jailed in Iran last year on charges of spying for Israel, have had a meeting with the Speaker of Islamic "parliament", Mehdi Karroubi.
They appealed for amnesty for the nine prisoners serving their terms in jail at Shiraz.
U.S. sanctions have blocked delivery of four Airbus A-330 aircraft to Iran, the head of flag carrier Iran Air. Behzad Mazaheri said Washington would not allow engine parts manufactured in the United States to be used in the planes purchased during Mohammad Khatami's 1999 visit to France. But U.S. sanctions bar the sales of Boeing airliners to Iran and hinder the acquisition of other Western aircraft, many of which rely on U.S.-built components.
The Royal tents at Persepolis, which housed the guest of H.I.M Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi for celebration marking the 2,500th anniversary of the first Persian empire are to be restored, probably for tourists.
LG Engineering and Construction said yesterday it has won a $400 million plant project in Iran on a turn-key basis. LG will build a 660 million MW power plant, an industrial gas plant, a desalination plant capable of processing 6,000 tons of sea water per day and other facilities. LG will start construction in October and complete the project in May 2004. The company said it has agreed with the client to proceed with the project only after receiving advance payments.
Jack Straw is the first British foreign secretary to visit Iran since the 1979 Islamic "revolution".
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Posted 05-Apr-02 | Revised 08-Apr-2002