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23rd Annual Report of Republic in Iran

Islamic regime remains the most active state sponsor of terrorism in 2000, increasing its support to groups targeting the Middle East peace process, according to the latest State Department terrorism report.
The Revolutionary Guard Corps and the Ministry of Intelligence and Security "continued to be involved in the planning and execution of terrorist acts and continued to support a variety of groups that use terrorism to pursue their goals".
Ebrahim Asgharzadeh the ex-leader of the radical Moslem students who took over the American embassy in 1979 is nominated as "reformist" member for the Tehran City Council.
The technical bids for phases 9-12 of Iran's giant South Pars gas field are completed.
Iran has lost oil revenue in the so-called "buy-back" financing.
The South Pars field is estimated to hold at least 350 trillion cubic feet (10 trillion cu meters) of gas.
Taleban of Afghanistan's blamed it's Moslem counterparts in Iran for a blast in the western Afghan city of Herat on Friday. The blast, outside a mosque in the border city, killed 10 people and was followed by protests in which the Iran's Islamic consulate was attacked.
The explosion was believed to have targeted an exiled Iranian scholar, who died in the blast.

Five have been flogged in public for having sexual relations outside of marriage and 20 young Iranians have been arrested for holding a "depraved" party.
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Posted 05-Apr-02 | Revised 08-Apr-2002