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23rd Annual Report of Republic in Iran

FBI arrests seven people charged with fraudulently fund-raising for the Islamic- Marxist "People's Mujahedeen Organization", an armed terrorist rival group.
The seven had raised more than $1 million by posing at a Los Angeles airport as charity workers soliciting funds for starving orphans.
Islamic regime sets up its first mountain police units to patrol the ski slopes and enforce the country's strict Islamic law on separation of the sexes.
Head of the terrorist regime, Ali Khamenei replaced Ayatollah Ali Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani from the secret missile research and production programs.
Hosein Abedi will be the new High Supervisor of Missile Research and Production Unit.
Moving closer to completing its first nuclear power plant, the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization said Thursday it will install equipment at the Bushehr plant this year with the help of Russia, state-run radio reported. Sabouri says the "atomic equipment at Iran's Bushehr power plant will be installed next year through the cooperation of Iranian and Russian experts."
Islamic regime signed an oil exploration contract in the Caspian Sea aimed at preserving its share of energy wealth in the region. Other parties are Russia and former Soviet Republics Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.
Members of a consortium involving Sweden's GVA Consultants and the National Iranian Oil Company signed the $226 million contract. The project will take 32 months to complete and involves building an oil rig on a submersible platform in the northern province of Mazandaran.
Russia agreed to help the Islamic terrorist regime to produce modern anti-submarine torpedoes and mines. The 600 millions to 1.5 billion US Dollars agreement, discussed and finalized by the Islamic "Defense Minister" Ali Shamkhani and Russian officials will modernize the Sukhoy SU-24 and Mig-29 fighters.
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Posted 05-Apr-02 | Revised 08-Apr-2002