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23rd Annual Report of Republic in Iran

Hamid Ostad of the Ansar-e Hezbollah Islamic tugs disrupted a comedy show they deemed un-Islamic in the northeastern city of Mashhad. The Ansar vigilantes waged a violent crusade against what they consider as symbols of "decadent" Western culture in the Islamic republic, attacking movie theaters and concerts and beating up the audience.
Islamic regime has focused on buying short- and medium-range missiles such as the Shihab-3 and Shihab-4 with Chinese and North Korean help.
BHP Billiton Ltd appears poised to buy into a $359 million petroleum project in Iran, marking its first exposure to the oil-rich nation. This deal will triple oil output from the offshore Forouzan and Esfandyar fields to 130,000 barrels per day (bpd) - is due within the month.
Officials from Tehran are said to be in final talks with national company PetroIran over the buyback-type deal.
The head of Iran's Continental Shelf Oil Company Abolghasem Hasani said the development would raise output from the Forouzan field to 105,000 bpd from its current 45,000 bpd and to 25,000 bpd from the Esfandyar field, the Persian daily Hamsharhri reported.
Three escaped Iranian detainees clung freezing to the roof of a freight train for almost two days as it travelled 2000km to Perth.
They had wanted to go to New Zealand after fleeing Woomera detention center in the South Australian desert by tunneling under two fences.
Morteza Dehghany Eshratabad, 33, a veterinary surgeon, Hamid Reza Nowroozi Eshratabad, 25, a chicken farmer, and Ali Reza Sohrabi Zamani, 32, a welder, were found begging for food and money at a Rivervale mosque on June 18.
Islamic regime has launched a military exercise of the vigilante wing of the Revolutionary Guards Corps in the northern Persian Gulf port city of Bushehr. The exercise, termed Shahmat-80, or Courage-80, is meant to coordinate the Basij vigilantes to fight people's uprising. Basij exercise will "evaluate their abilities in using weapons and military equipment."
U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth, awarded the estate and family of Rev. Lawrence Jenco $314.6 million in damages from Iran for the 18 months he was held hostage in Lebanon in the mid-1980s. The ruling includes $14.6 million in compensatory damages to Jenco and his six siblings or their estates and $300 million in punitive damages.
Jenco, a native of Joliet who died of cancer in 1996, was taken hostage in Beirut in January 1985 while serving as director of Catholic Relief Services there. He was abducted by five armed men and held for 564 days by a terrorist group founded and controlled by the Islamic regime in Iran.
The family of Bakhtiyar, an assassinated Iranian prime minister sued Iran for $165 million, charging that the regime ordered his murder. Hosein Nosrat of the New York-based Permanent Mission of Islamic regime to the United Nations says there was "no state involvement" in Bakhtiar's death.
Six young Iranians accused of drinking alcohol were publicly flogged in Tehran's western Azadi (Freedom) square.
Three young men were publicly flogged in a central Tehran square Wednesday night for having consumed alcohol.
A conservative cleric defended Friday the Islamic regime's use of floggings and the death penalty, saying both forms of punishment are a "fundamental principle" of Islam.
Ayatollah Mohammad-Taghi Mesbah Yazdi, professor at a religious school in the Iranian holy city of Qom, said that "if the Westerners do not like it, that is their problem, but the death penalty and the use of flogging are fundamental principles of our religion."
Three men have been publicly flogged in Iran's holy city of Qom on varied charges of consuming drugs and illicit sexual relationships.

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