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International Freedom Alliance
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Terrorism Awareness Month
19-Aug to 19-Sep

Whereas terrorism is a threat to global peace, regional security, human rights and freedom.

Whereas courts in Germany, Argentina and Unites States have found the Islamist terrorist guilty of crime.

Whereas the terrorists who set Rex Theater on fire 19-Aug-1978 in Abadan Iran had same purpose as the terrorists who caused the World Trade Center inferno on 11-Sep-2001.

Now therefore we the undersigned announce 19-Aug to 19 of September as Terrorism Awareness Month. We also ask the Heads of the world's democratic states and General Secretary of the United Nations to order the warrants for the arrest of the Islamic regime in Iran to be carried out.

Iran 19-Aug-1978

19-Aug-1978, Abadan Iran.
Rex Theater is set on fire.
11-Sep-2001 America

11-Sep-2001, New York, U.S.A.
World Trade Center inferno.

377 Iranians, were charcoaled to death

5000 Americans, were charcoaled to death

International Terrorists, BinLaden and Khamenei

Outside, of the Rex Theater

Outside, of the World Trade Center

Remains of the Rex Theater

Remains of the World Trade Center

Iranians are the first people in the world who hold candles during a vigil in Terhan to mourn the loss of life in the United States after hijackers crashed airliners into the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington DC

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Posted 13-Aug-2003 | Revised 13-Aug-2003