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Iran Unity Organization

  Iran Untiy Organization
Dr. Saeed Sakuee
Mr. Ahmad Chalbi
Iraq National Congress
Naseriyeh, Iraq

Dear Mr. Chalbi:

On behalf of pro-Freedom Iranians, I commend the victory of Free Iraq Forces. The Persian New Year of this year certainly brought hope of better future for people of Iraq.

Knowing that the Islamist republic of terror in Iran is a threat to the civilized world at large, we welcome support for our people to rid themselves from the 24 years of terror. With the liberation of Iran steps away, our two ancient nations will soon find their rightful rank amongst the Free World's community.

All freedom-loving people in the region respect Iraq's territorial integrity and support the transitional government's compliance with U.N resolutions including but not limited to 1441 and 598.

Today; Sadam will join where Afghan's Molla Omar flea yesterday. Tomorrow Molla Ali of Jamaran will join them. We must not let the Islamist Terrorists escape justice.

with utmost regards,

Dr. Saeed Sakuee
Chairman of Iran Unity Organization

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Posted 07-Apr-2003 | Revised 07-Apr-2003