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Few questions before destroying Israel
by Hashem H.

I am neither supporting Israelis nor am I against Palestinians. Liberation of Palestine should be our concern only if we can be reasonable in addressing the following questions:
What are we going to gain if the Palestinians get control of the entire Palestine/Israel?
What do we Iranian/Persians have in common with either of these Semitic cultures?
Will it improve our relation with international community, including America?
Why the other Islamic nations including the Arabs do not take up the cause of Palestinians as vehemently as some Iranian Moslems do?
What is our financial gain, if the Islamic regime's rhetoric was to come true and the Jewish state was to be wiped out of the surface of the globe?

I like to know what is our interest in their conflict.

24-Dec-00 01-Jun-2002
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Posted 24-Dec-00 | Revised 02-Jun-2002