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Paris Oct-1978: Jimmy Carter dispatched Ramsey Clark to meet with Shiite clergies and Khomeini's crony BaniSadr (to the right). BaniSadr was appointed as the 1st President of the Revolution yet later rewarded his daughter to Mojahedin's Rajavi in another political deal.
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Mansoor Hekmat
Worker-Communist Party, Central Committee
1979 "Revolution" was stolen in 20-Jun-1981
by Mansoor Hekmat

It is said that in recent years, a process of 'review' has been taking place among revolutionaries and the leftist opposition of Iran. Perhaps the term 'new thinking' is a more suitable.
Wasn't 1979 - the year of the revolution - the beginning of this nightmare?
Neither the extent of this repentance nor the bitter tone and hysteria of today's 'new thinkers', however, can be explained by the defeat of the 1979 revolution.
In the history of both the victors and defeated, the 1979 revolution is a step for the rise of Islam and Islamism and the cause of the current situation in Iran.

In real history, however, the 1979 revolution was a movement for freedom and prosperity, which was smashed.
People were right to reject the monarchy and the discrimination, inequality, oppression and degradation that went with it and rise up in protest. People were right to not want a king, SAVAK [the secret police], torturers and torture chambers at the end of the 20th century. People were right to take up arms against an army, which massacred them at the earliest manifestations of their protests.

The 1979 revolution was an act for freedom, justice and human dignity.

The Islamic movement and the Islamic government were not only not the result of this revolution, but were rather a deliberate means of suppressing the revolution, and brought to the fore when

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