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Petition for Referendum

We hereby request permission from Revolution's Leader, the honorable Reformed representatives of Islamic Parliament and the officials of United Nations to hold a Referendum in Iran before the next Iranian Presidential election so that people can choose the future of the Republic. We wish to have the referendum supervised by Non-Governmental Organizations.

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Drafted by Iranian Politicians

01. Dr. Faraj Ardavan, Alliance for Deconstruction
02. Dr. Zeshtrokh Vazirnashodam, Political Researcher
03. Dr. Masoud Meskar, Writer & MD
04. Dr. Mohamad Heyjazi-Nejd, Environmentalist
05. Dr. Sam Namakchi, Futurist
06. Dr. Hosein Masmali, Alliance for Deconstruction
07. Dr. Mehdi Khar-Razi, Politician
08. Dr. Zamingir Lahafi, Politician
09. Dr. Arman Sheifi, Businessman
10. Dr. Ahmad Naghvai
11. Dr. Bahram Zado-Bandi, Green Party
12. Dr. Morteza Darivari, Politician
13. Dr. Amir Atar, Politician
14. Dr. Iraj Tahshar, National Conciliation Movement
15. Dr. Mahmood Mordekhor, National Reconciliation Movement24-Dec-00 01-Jun-2002
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Posted 24-Dec-00 | Revised 02-Jun-2002