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Bygone for baayegaani - 8 Steps to Solidarity

Iranians for Intentional International Corruption

Manouchehr Ghorbnifar

Vice President:
Alimohamad Masoud Ansari

Wishing you a prosperous and free Iran in New Melli year 122 On behalf of:
Iranicans | Turd Force | Iranian Traitors | PWM | IIIC | Equus Asinus & E-Vulva

Just as we removed the old dusts from our individual homes in preparation for the New Year, so we should also forgive and forget our grudges and put matters in the past to rest. We need to embrace what ever the future may hold.

Iran was like Switzerland until the British coup that installed Pahlavi dynasty. Iran briefly enjoyed prosperity and freedom in 1932 until the CIA coup. In 1978 with our Great Islamic revolution we gained our independence from Imperialism and once again we are positioned on the road for civil society.

We hereby suggest an 8 step program of "Bygone for Baayegaani" as motto for a nationwide New Year resolution.
Majority of the Iranian population are too young to be burdened with the old historical baggage. And our elders are too lazy to move out of their comfort zone to learn from the past.

In only 25 years, the nature will take it's course to liberate our society from all remaining witnesses of Iran's "behind-the-scenes" Great Revolution.

We urge all progressive elements of our society to participate in developing a scientific procedure to systematically implement a "Bygone for Baayegaani" policy. To expedite a nationwide "Facts & Figure" purging. The young generation - 20 years and younger; has an obligation to Iran's future. You are to induce senile dementia. In our era, it is not appropriate to learn about fictional/mystical heroes like ArioBarzan and Babak Khoramdin. For a democratic future, we need to lead ourselves.

Last year was fantastic for all of us. We were instrumental in a gradual and tangible political democratization in Iran while booking lucrative financial deals for our sponsors. This year also, while committed to the Reform movement; we will aim against people's uprising by advocating a cultural Evolution (not revolution) aimed to rid us of all cultural taboos.

We count on your support to lobby for the following ballot initiatives which will take place in Iran before the next Iranian Presidential election. Our upcoming national referendum will be supervised by the United Nation representatives and Non-Governmental Organizations. It will bring us unprecedented freedom.

1. Borders
The present administrative setup of the country is costly. To bring about the spirit of national solidarity we need to consolidate our states in preparation of an evolving Republic. The country will be divided to the following ten interdependent zone/nation.
1.1: Republic of South Azerbaijan. To consist of the present: Azerbaijan East, Azerbaijan West, Ardabil and Zanjan. The new capitol will be named Pishehvar to honor founder of Azerbaijan's Republic: Jafar Pishevari. Sep-1945.
1.2: Democratic Kurdistan Republic. To consist of the present: Ilam, Kermanshah, Hamedan and Lorestan. The new capitol will be named Ghazi-Abad to honor Kurdish Democratic Party hero: Ghazi Mohamad. Dec-1945.
1.3: Islamic Republic of E.Arabia: To consist of the present: Khuzestan and Bushehr. The new capitol will be named Khazaliyeh to honor Sheikh Khazal, the founder of first British approved Islamic government in Iran. Apr-1925.
1.4: Gilan Republic. To consist of the present: Gilan, Mazandaran and Golestan. The new capital will be named Soltangrad [as in Stalingrad] to honor founder of Soviet Republic of Gilan Ahmad Soltanzadeh. Jun-1920. We will oppose any motion to call the new capitol Koochooloo - after Mirza Koochak of Jungle. Jul-1920.
1.5: Bakhtiar Feudal Federation: To consist of the present: Chaharmahal, Bakhtiyari, Kohgiluyeh, BoyerAhmad and Fars. The new capitol will be named "Lire" in memory of Feudal's favorite currency.
1.6: Holly state of Qom: An independent spiritual state like the Vatican.
1.7: DMZ Sea: Both northern and southern collection of water should be demilitarized zone. They are nothing but a cesspool causing conflicts with our neighbors. In absence of unified state we should relinquish our dogmatic claims. Caspian Sea should become a Free Sea for all our Moslem brethren. We condemn referring to Arabic Gulf as Persian. It should be called the Gulf or Islamic Gulf.
1.8: Independent Islands: In the name of peace and serenity; we also welcome sheikdom's financial support to declare all disputed islands as free ports administered by United Nation under British supervision.
1.9: Baluchistan Republic: To consist of the present: Sistan and Baluchestan. We have not yet determined it's capitol.
1.10: Federal Republic of Persia: The left over will tentatively remain under Persian oppressors.

2. Country's name
Our country consists of diverse tribes, ethnicity, multiple nationalities with various languages. The
Iranian Traitor Association

Hasan Fardoust
Mansour Rafighpour
adorable name: Persia, as in Persian Cat and Persian Rug are symbols of Persian culture and do not represent the confederation of remaining nationalities. The remaining ethnicity was always victim of Persian domination. The name Iran which was officiated by Reza Khan of Pahlavi dynasty; is reminiscent of racist lyrics of Ferdowsi's Shahnameh.
We thereby propose a national referendum to choose a progressive and new name to replace the useless names. We endorse Iranistan.

3. Individual names
Our Arab neighbors have historically failed to call their children; pagan names like Kaveh, Arash, Mithra and Azar. We can only enrich our culture by avoiding patriotic chauvinism. We endorse national referendum on adopting only the following meaningful names:
Jafar [camel], Bagher [Cow], Asghar [low], Gholam/Abdal-Everything [servant], Abbas [grumpy], Asgar [spayed], Ghasem [cutter], Kazem [mute], Hashem [stray] and Yahya [slim].

4. Flag

Our era is not the days of heroes. People should choose their flag. We call for a national referendum to change the flag from Green-White-Red to Purple-Yellow-Red. Those were the colors in mythical days. Lion-Sun w/Sword insignia should be removed because it resembles Monarchy. The sword looks like the Zolfaghar saber used by St. Ali [first Imam]. These symbols are not appropriate for today's democratic society.

5. Constitution
Except for a brief period in 1919, Iran has always been a lawless sand land. The Cyrus cylinder is not the first proclamation of Human rights. Iranians like any other newly found nations need to adopt the globally accepted U.N. declaration of human rights. To enjoy democracy - the rule of the people, by the people, for the people - we need to admit that our history is that of despotic Kings like Darius, Nader and Reza Khan. The so called glorious past is nothing but lies.
Iranicans Council

Amir Houshang Madeleine Halfbright
The Constitutional movement was concocted in the British embassy and it's 1906 constitution was already nullified after our Great 1978 Revolution. The nationwide 1979 referendum has disposed Monarchy in history's garbage and brought us Republic. Therefore we endorse adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for Iranistan's new constitution.

6. Calendar
Solar years like "2710 Irani" are based on the foundation of Iran's first empire Medes, the Shahanshahi year is based on Cyrus' coronation and 1381 is based on prophets migration.
We should live for tomorrow and times have changed. So the start of our calendar should also change.
We endorse changing the year either backward or forward. To go back we suggest the year 7023 because it is approved by world's renowned and accredited historians and scholars. To select an altogether new date we propose a National [Melli] calendar. Counting our new history from the birth of the only true man in our history: Dr. Mosadegh's birthday. We are in year 122 Melli.

7. Jolly Holy Holidays
Emergence of a single super power is polluting our moral values through it's decadent imperialist values by spreading neocolonialist rituals such as Yalda, Mehregan and Sadeh.
Persian Watch Mouse Anti-Inquisition

Ahmad Borghei
Hasan Sarfaraz
Gholamreza Sepasi
We propose to substitute all these superficial superstitions by observing the following cross-cultural and true humanist ceremonies nationwide:
Referendum of Republic: 12-Far, Martyrdom of Navab-safavi, Khalil Tahmasebi, Mozafar Zolghadr, Seyed Mohamad Vahedi 27-Dey-1334, Martyrdom of Ayat-Allah Imam Mohamad Sadegh al-Sadr: 18-Feb, Martyrdom of Mohamadbagher Sadr: 19-Far, Martyrdom of Imam Mousa Sadr Aug-1978, Pasdaran Revolution Guard day: 02-Ord, Martyrdom of Morteza Motahari 12-Ord, Uprising for women's virtue 15-Khor, Martyrdom of Qazafi's, Mostafa Chamran 31-Khor, Marytrydom of Mohamad Mofatah: 18-Dec, Martyrdom of Mohamad Beheshti 07-Tir, Martyrdom of Saint Ayat-Allah Sadooghi 11-Tir, Martyrdom of Ayat-Allah Ashrafi Esfahani 23-Meh; Martyrdom of St. Fazl-Allah Noori 09-Mor-1288, Martyrdom of Professor Ali Shariati and Dr. Ahmad Shamloo at the hand of Savak's agent Johnny Walker, Martyrdom of Ayat-Allah Ghodoosi 14-Sha, Martyrs of Jaleh square courtesy of Palestinians 17-Sha, Martyrdom of Ayat-Allah Madani 20-Sha, Martyrdom Imam Alinaghi 30-Sha, Martyrdom of Imam Mousa Kazem 21-Meh, Martyrdom of Assad-Allah Lajevardi 23-Aug, Martyrdom Ayat-Allah Dastgheyb 20-Aza, Martyrdom of Hojat-al Islam Hashemi-Nejad 07-Meh; Martyrdom of Hojat al-Islam Ghafari 07-Dey, Martyrdom of Imam Jafar-Sadegh 20-Dey, Martyrdom of Imam Mohamadtaghi 24-Bah, Martyrdom of Imam Mohamadbagher 01-Esf, Martyrdom of Saeed Imami 17-Jun, Martyrdom of Ayat-Allah Mirza Ali Al-Gharavi Jun-1998, Martyrdom of Ayat-Allah Morteza-ali Mohamad Ibrahim Boroojerdi Apr-1998, Martyrdom Mohamad Taghi Khoei 1994, Martyrdom of ..., Martyrdom of ....

8. Literature
The true essence of esoteric love of unity is embodied in none other but poems of Rumi. A passivity of pacifism that will elevate individual soul in the path of eternity. We endorse a national referendum to replace the war mongering mundane hogwash epic of Shahnameh Ferdowsi with peace and love filled Divan Shams - Masnavi of Molavi.24-Dec-00 01-Jun-2002

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